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Hamen Consultancy Service PLC offers mid-term and end-term evaluation services as part of their comprehensive range of consultancy services. These evaluations are conducted to assess the progress, effectiveness, and impact of ongoing projects or programs.

A mid-term evaluation is typically conducted for an ongoing program or project. It serves two immediate purposes: decision-making and taking stock of initial lessons from experience. The evaluation provides program or project managers with a basis for identifying appropriate actions to address specific issues or problems in design, implementation, and management. It also reinforces initiatives that demonstrate the potential for success.

On the other hand, an end-term evaluation is conducted towards the end of a project or program. It aims to assess the overall impact and outcomes achieved. This evaluation helps in determining the success of the project, identifying areas for improvement, and providing insights for future decision-making.

The evaluation process involves several key steps:

  1. Stakeholder Engagement: Engaging stakeholders throughout the evaluation process is crucial. This includes involving them from the beginning, ensuring two-way communication, and establishing mechanisms for their input and feedback
  2. Data Collection and Analysis: Gathering relevant data and information through various methods such as surveys, interviews, and document reviews. The collected data is then analyzed to assess the progress, effectiveness, and impact of the project
  3. Impact Assessment: Evaluating the long-term impact of the project or program on the target population and assessing the changes brought about by the intervention
  4. Reporting: The findings of the evaluation are compiled into a comprehensive report that includes an analysis of the results, recommendations for improvement, and lessons learned.

Hamen Consultancy Service PLC ensures that their mid-term and end-term evaluations are conducted with a rigorous and systematic approach. The evaluations provide valuable insights and recommendations to their clients, helping them make informed decisions, improve project implementation, and achieve desired outcomes.

Some of the major clients


Final Evaluation of Holistic Early Child Development (for Children Under 5-years Old) in Fentale Woreda of Oromia region

The overall objective of the final Evaluation is to assess the current child health, actual situation in relation to Early Childhood Development services that help to capture the parents’ knowledge, attitude and practices of parents on childcare particularly their feeding practice, health care behaviors, immunization. Early stimulation child safety practices etc…


Evaluation on Diageo’s small holder farmers’ value chain in Ethiopian agricultural production in a gender lens

Assessing risk factors and opportunities for women within the Ethiopian smallholder-agricultural value chain to enable them to realize their aspiration to improve the quality and control over their lives.

To evaluate major risks and created opportunities of rural households in their agriculture activities and marketing value chain formation.

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