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Hamen Consultancy Service PLC offers a comprehensive range of capacity-building services to individuals, organizations, and communities. These services aim to enhance both soft skills and hard skills, empowering clients to achieve their goals more effectively.

  1. Soft Skills Training: Hamen Consultancy Service PLC provides customized soft skills training programs to develop essential interpersonal and communication skills. These programs focus on areas such as effective communication, teamwork, problem-solving, adaptability, leadership, time management, and emotional intelligence. By improving these skills, individuals can enhance their professional relationships, productivity, and overall job performance.

  2. Hard Skills Training: The company offers training programs to develop specific technical or hard skills required for various industries and job roles. These programs cover areas such as project management, financial analysis, technical expertise, data analysis, software proficiency, and other specialized skills. By acquiring and honing these hard skills, individuals can excel in their respective fields and contribute effectively to their organizations.

  3. Workshops and Seminars: Hamen Consultancy Service PLC conducts workshops and seminars on various topics to address the specific needs of clients. These interactive sessions provide opportunities for participants to learn, network, and exchange knowledge. Whether it’s a workshop on leadership development, a seminar on emerging technologies, or a session on industry best practices, these events contribute to the professional growth and capacity building of attendees.

  4. Technical Assistance: The company provides technical assistance to support clients in implementing projects or initiatives. This assistance includes guidance on project design, proposal development, resource mobilization, and implementation strategies. By leveraging their expertise, Hamen Consultancy Service PLC helps clients overcome challenges and achieve their desired outcomes.

  5. Organizational Development: Hamen Consultancy Service PLC assists organizations in strengthening their internal structures and processes. This involves conducting organizational assessments, providing recommendations for improvement, and developing action plans to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. By focusing on organizational development, clients can optimize their operations, enhance teamwork, and foster a positive work culture.

  6. Monitoring and Evaluation: The company supports clients in establishing robust monitoring and evaluation systems for their projects and programs. They assist in designing monitoring frameworks, developing data collection tools, analyzing data, and evaluating outcomes. This enables clients to track progress, measure impact, and make informed decisions for continuous improvement.

Hamen Consultancy Service PLC understands the importance of both soft skills and hard skills in professional development. By combining these elements in their capacity-building services, they provide clients with a holistic and well-rounded approach to skill enhancement and professional growth.

Some of the services we have provided


Providing employability skill Training in Garment and Leather sector in Bole Lemi Industrial Park

The major objective is: Providing employ ability skill (soft and technical skill) training for 2,000 women to equip the necessary ability skill to be a skilled employee on garment and textile industries in Bole Lemmi industry park.
Providing 200 Trainings Of trainers (TOT) training for the Expertise in various textile and garment industries


Industrial development program for preparation of operational, management, legal & regulatory framework manual

The general scope of the service will be preparation of i. Legal & Regulatory Framework ii. Operation and Management manual. Both study documents shall be prepared for the four Integrated Agro Processing Parks and the four Regional Industrial Parks Corporation (Amhara, Oromia, Tigray and South Nations, Nationalities and Peoples) which are legally established and are operational.


Soft Skill Training

Hamen Consultancy Service Plc specializes in providing soft skill training specifically tailored for the textile and garment industries located in various industrial parks.


Hard Skill Training

Hamen Consultancy Service Plc is dedicated to offering specialized hard skill training that is specifically tailored for the textile and garment industries situated in diverse industrial parks.

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